Residential Moves

Moving into your dream home? Moving into your new apartment? MOVE IT MOVERS are here to help!!! Have 1,2, or 14 rooms you are moving?? we can handle that! With our moving team no job is to big or to small. Are you moving to the top floor and there is no elevator?? no problem we will MOVE IT!! Moving across the city and have no way of getting your items there??? no problem we will MOVE IT!!! moving a end table to the other side of the couch and need help?? no problem  we will MOVE IT!!!

Commercial Moves

Are you moving office furniture? refrigerators? mixing machines? flex capacitors?? no problem for MOVE IT movers!!!


MOVE IT movers can also handle any commercial move that you may have!!! Our team of moving specialists will make sure that all your items are handle with special care, and attention and have you to your new location in a fast time so you can be in business again.